We offer basic and advanced drone piloting courses with high-quality theoretical and practical training. During the training, our team prepares the future drone pilot for commercial photography, filming, data collection or inspections. The technological knowledge and practical skills related to drone control acquired during the training allow the drone pilot to work successfully both alone and in a team.

The operations of drone control, like any other technology-related activity, is an area that is constantly moving forward. As situations change over time, new photography and filming opportunities as well as client needs emerge, so we keep our eyes open for the new possibilities. Moreover, we gladly share valuable information with anyone who is interested in this field of technology.

I was at the front 4 times – Kharkiv region (2 reconnaissance), Donetsk region – 1 reconnaissance
and a kamikaze flight into russian armoured vehicles. In the last place we spent two days 3 km from the russians.

Lietuvoje, kaip ir kitose šalyse, yra zonų kuriose atlikti skrydžius dronais galima tik gavus specialius leidimus. Šioje skiltyje pateikiame naudingas nuorodas bei instrukcijas kaip prireikus gauti leidimus, įgalinančius skraidyti, fotografuoti ar filmuoti tokiose vietovėse.

Before planning your flight – check the location on the ORAN.LT map. If we see that the location is in a no-fly zone, we need to find out who the authorities of that zone are. We will do this by opening the “V-925 Annex Change” file. In it we will find a list of zones and their founders with their contacts.
It is necessary to write an e-mail to the founders of the zone informing them about the flight you want to make, its time and circumstances. The zone founders may request a pilot licence (A1, A2, A3 or STS). They may also ask for a flight route with coordinates.

After obtaining the consent from the zone authorities, we fill in the “V-1738_3 Annex” application and send it together with all the consents (screen shot) and the pilot’s permit to [email protected].

If you want to fly at the border, you need a transponder. You will be able to see the transponder in the flight radar application ( This is a physical device that needs to be attached to the drone. You also need to download the ICAO code that will be programmed into the transponder so that you can see the unique code assigned to you. Contact for this
If you want to fly in Klaipėda, e.g. at the ship terminal, you need to fill in the “V-1738_3 Annex” and send it to [email protected]. The KJP form is also required and should be sent to [email protected]

KJP form

  • If more than one day is to be flown, applications must be submitted separately for each day.
  • If there is more than one zone at the site to be flown, permission is required (by email) from all founders.

Once permission has been obtained – the KOP (Air Force) may ask you:
“Please inform the KJP Operational Duty Officer 846391203 by phone before and after your BO flight.”
Before and after the flight you call and inform: “Hello, Name Surname, for a drone flight …. on site. Permission number ….., I’m starting/ending the flight”

If you have any questions about permits or filling in forms, you can contact [email protected]