Our contribution to the fight against russian aggression

When the war broke out, I realised before anyone else the value of my knowledge and experience. I saw clearly where it would all fit in. I knew and understood that I could help save lives. So when I was contacted by Gintautas Mauricas (the founder of Lukšiai Men), I didn’t hesitate and agreed to contribute. As for the value it has created for Ukrainian soldiers, you should ask them (Lutsk Battalion).

About me:

I am a drone pilot, video content creator. I’ve been doing this for 6 years. I’ve been working three jobs:

Founder of Sky Cats (5 m). Working with drones. Filming for film, commercials, etc.

Dronai.lt (3 yrs)- consultant, trainer, tester, salesman.

VilniusTech (2 m) – Lecturer.

Dangaus katės – professional drone pilots, whose knowledge and experience, accumulated during more than 5 years of active activity, allows to safely and efficiently implement standard and non-standard ideas related to drone technology/management.

Dronai.lt is a member of the Meridein OU group of companies (Loveta UAB), representing the DJI manufacturer in the Batumi countries. It is the only official supplier of DJI products to the Lithuanian market and also operates the first authorized DJI store in the Baltics, which opened its doors in January 2020 at Mindaugo st. 16, Vilnius.

VILNIUS TECH Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute (AGAI) is a faculty that trains specialists in all major fields of aviation.

The main responsibilities include the implementation of technical tasks related to drones, testing or diagnostics of equipment, consulting, training for companies, institutions and institutions and the creation of educational video content.

I have tested practically all models of DJI, popular Autel and Parrot drones. I have tested Lithuanian and Ukrainian anti-drone weapon. I have also worked with DJI AeroScope mobile and stationary drone radars. In my spare time I also build self-made drones.

I also have a medal from the Command Security Service on my shelf at home for winning an inspection task (at an event organised by LBONA). A knife donated by the Commander of the Land Forces for winning the Iron Wolf Challenge, a badge donated by the LC from the military parade to commemorate the centenary of the Restored Armed Forces, which, in terms of its scale, can be called the biggest military event in the history of the restored independent Lithuania. During the parade, the LC trusted and allowed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to fly over the area to capture moments of the event.

So I can safely say that I have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge, which I have been sharing with Ukrainian soldiers for two months now.

So far I have made 5 trips to Lutsk with the battalion there. Training in basic drone skills and how to perform reconnaissance, air drops, air deliveries, sabotage tasks. I also explain the principles of DJI AeroScope drone radar and anti-drone weapons. I share tips on how to work when the enemy uses them. I have trained dozens of military personnel, most of whom are already working at the front.

Our mission is to provide Ukrainian soldiers with the knowledge and competences to perform better in the war against the invaders, to throw “parcels” more accurately, to find the enemy faster.

The only problem we are facing at the moment is that we cannot find any additional financial sources or sponsors. We don’t get any funding so we do everything out of our own pocket. The donations we ask for to buy equipment are spent to the last penny to buy the equipment that we transport, give away and train to use if needed.

While we are away and working with the troops and volunteers there, when we return home we have other problems to deal with – where to get the money to pay the bills, and that is not the only reason why I am asking you to help us to continue the mission we started.